What is Cyber Security X Dallas?
The must attend cyber security event in Texas providing cyber security experts, decision makers, hackers and technical specialists with the latest tech and knowledge in the field.

Why Attend?

Invaluable Security Insight
Cyber Security X Dallas offers invaluable security insight from some of the world's greatest speakers.  
It's all about you!
At Cyber Security X Dallas, we understand that everyone's needs are different. You can build your own personal seminar agenda. 
Gain CPE Credits
You are able to claim CPE credits by attending education sessions and workshops at Cyber Security X Dallas.
Join the community
Join the conversations - Cyber Security X Dallas brings together thousands of cyber security professionals allowing you to overcome security challenges.

Industry Insight

Are you prepared to defend your network?
Are you prepared to defend your network?
Just as employees expect to work in a physically safe space, they also expect that their digital work is taking place on a secure network. They want to feel that their hard work crunching company data will be protected from hackers seeking to steal or manipulate the information, and they want to be able to trust that the files they receive from their coworkers are safe. IS professionals are the knights tasked with protecting their companies’ digital realms from invaders to ensure a safe working community.
Advanced threats call for advanced solutions
Advanced threats call for advanced solutions

Just when cyber security professionals figure out how to combat and guard against one type of attack, another stronger malware attacks an unsuspecting — and unprepared — network. Newer, more evolved attacks are designed to skirt antivirus software and firewalls and access a targeted network. 

IAM and PIM Stop Hackers at the Gate
IAM and PIM Stop Hackers at the Gate

Identity and access management tends to be a balancing act for information technology professionals. They want their networks to be secure, but they don’t want to deal with complaints from fellow employees that it is cumbersome and too time-consuming to log on to a network. For example, frequently changed, hard-to-remember passwords might be a hindrance to workers, but they often are crucial for blocking hackers from accessing a network.


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